Connected Field Service: Partnership with ServiceMax

Connected Field Service Software: The Right Technician, Parts, and Knowledge at the Right Place

Field Service has never been more important. When a product needs repair or maintenance onsite, customers demand fast, cost-effective, best-in-class service. That’s where PTC and ServiceMax come in. We are transforming Field Service with cutting edge technology to help companies optimize service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and delight customers along the way. 

PTC has partnered with ServiceMax to offer Connected Field Service, the first solution that seamlessly combines IoT data with a field service management system. Connected Field Service enables remote access to your assets, leveraging information from connected devices to provide field technicians with an accurate diagnosis of the issue, as well as the right contextual service information needed to complete the service event.

Download the IoT and Field Service Research Report

The next big wave of technological advancement is upon us. The question is: what impact will IoT have on field service industries? With the help of PTC and ServiceMax, Field Service News lead a research project to find out exactly how ready we are in field service for IoT. Learn more »