Windchill Quality Solutions

Product Quality: The Number One CEO Concern

With “customer experience” ranked as the primary basis for competition by 2016 among 89% of companies (Gartner), it’s clear that product quality is at the top of everyone’s mind. But managing your product’s quality takes more than just analyzing sub-par outcomes and correcting them. It requires companies to close the loop between their quality and engineering teams to make meaningful improvements to product designs: ensuring quality issues are prevented from ever recurring again.

Windchill Quality Solutions Close the Loop

Quality management requires a clear set of capabilities that Windchill Quality Solutions deliver. Unique associativity between product development and quality data in a single source of truth closes the loop on identified issues to not only correct but prevent quality problems faster and with greater accuracy:

Document Management in Windchill PDMLink centralizes both vital product data and the critical documentation that specifies organization-wide quality processes – demonstrating with powerful associativity that quality procedures were followed as prescribed.

Change Management in Windchill PDMLink controls the processes that impact product quality: ensuring that only the right person at the right time can introduce product changes and allowing for history, traceability, and flow-down to safeguard the accuracy of every change.

Nonconformance Management in Windchill Nonconformance captures and resolves internal or third-party manufacturing issues centrally, ensuring roll-up reporting for clear visibility across many potential sources for quality nonconformances and coordinating root cause investigation with PLM changes for faster, more accurate, and more complete CAPAs.

Customer Complaints Management in Windchill Customer Experience Management (Customer Experience Management) provides for the intake and tracking of customer complaints to ensure that external sources for quality issues are accurately managed for full-scale correction / prevention.

Corrective and Preventive Actions performed in Windchill CAPA provide for the investigation, root cause analysis, corrective / preventive actions, and close-out of quality issues from across the product lifecycle: ensuring visibility between product data and its associated quality information.

Learn more about Windchill Product Risk and Reliability via methodologies that are tightly integrated with product development in PLM.