IoT Use Cases for Marketing and Sales

Anticipate Customer Needs, Efficiently Identify Sales Opportunities.

  • Customer Insights and Opportunities – Collect and analyze product usage, condition, and consumable data to anticipate customer needs, automatically trigger alerts for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, forecast future purchases, and create new consumable resupply models.
  • Flexible Billing and Pricing Models – Integrate product usage and performance data to enable usage, performance, or outcome based pricing and subscription models that create disruptive business models, and increase value captured and market penetration opportunities.
  • New Value Added Services – Aggregate data from products across the installed base and combine it with domain expertise to provide information, advisory, and managed services that enhance your customer’s operation of the product or understanding of their business.

Common IoT Metrics for Marketing and Sales:

  • Increased market share and growth
  • Increased upsell revenue; cross-sell revenue
  • Increased product and service revenue or margin
  • Improved customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS)
  • Reduced cost of sales; reduced market research costs
  • Improved service contract renewal rate

All Traffic Solutions Case Study

All Traffic Solutions

All Traffic Solutions is the leader in radar speed displays and variable message signs designed to improve traffic safety outcomes.

With the IoT Technology Platform - ThingWorx, All Traffic is able to rapidly develop information portals, provide more comprehensive business system integration, and offer new advanced data mining services for their customers requesting analytics for traffic safety. All Traffic Solutions Case Study

"ThingWorx's rapid application development environment and scalable platform allow us to extend our solution and deliver new services to our customers in ways that were previously impossible."

— Scott Johnson, CEO, All Traffic Solutions