IoT Use Cases for Information and Operational Technology

As an IT Leader You Face Increased Scrutiny to Deliver More Business Value, Maintain Existing Infrastructure and Implement Bold, New Projects in IoT and Big Data While Creating Opportunities to Drive Innovation

IoT Use Cases for Information and Operational Technology

  • Flexible Product and Asset Connectivity – Leverage proven connectivity services to easily and flexibly connect to any wired or wireless asset via thirdparty device clouds, direct network connections, open APIs or edge devices.

  • Identity and Security Management – Provide secure real-time bidirectional communication with devices and ensure compliance with policy management for access control, logging, and auditing of interactions with connected products and assets.

  • Scalable IoT Operations Management – Establish a highly scalable system for provisioning and deploying large numbers of products and assets, managing complex event processing and Big Data, and operating in an evolving and heterogeneous environment.

  • Seamless IoT Data Integration – Rapidly integrate enterprise data from business systems, time series data from connected things, and unstructured feedback from people to rapidly respond to changing business requirements and uncover actionable insights.

  • Automated Analytics and Actions – Establish rules, business logic, and algorithms that analyze and correlate unstructured, time-series, and transactional data, to optimize business processes and discover new opportunities and insights that answer key business questions.

  • Rapid IoT Application Development – Leverage an IoT platform with a model- based application development environment to reduce the time, cost, and risk required to build and maintain innovative connected applications that differentiate products and services and provide a competitive edge.

Common IoT Metrics for Information and Operational Technology:

  • Shorten time to market of IoT Solution
  • Reduce development costs
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Increase connected products or assets under management
  • Increase number of users, logins, and IoT application data views
  • Improve risk management; reduce security loss events

Sysmex logo imageSysmex

Sysmex is a global leader in the design and development of high-quality, reliable, and innovative blood and urinalysis medical equipment.

With the IoT Technology Platform - ThingWorx, Sysmex enabled secure equipment connectivity to deliver service and support, seamless data integration with other enterprise applications, and the ability to rapidly build value-added applications. Customers now experience improved equipment up-time, response time, and labor utilization. The data Sysmex is collecting, for example capturing cycle count on an instrument, informs condition based maintenance, triggers automatic consumables replenishment, tracks contract adherence, and enables new usage-based billing agreements.