IoT Use Cases for Customers

The Owners, Operators and Solution Providers of Increasingly Complex and Connected Things are Looking for New Ways to Improve Operational Performance and Employee Satisfaction, Increase Product Up-Time, and Gain a Better Understanding of Their Business

IoT Use Cases for Customers

  • Usage and Performance Dashboard – Enable customer to monitor and track the usage and performance of their products or benchmark with anonymized peers to optimize the value they extract.

  • Customer Self-Service – Enable customers to quickly diagnose and resolve issues themselves by suggesting actions based on connected product data to maximize product availability.

  • Product Personalization – Enable personalization capabilities by allowing users to remotely add features or change parameters to enhance their user experience and product performance.

Common IoT Metrics for Customers:

  • Improved customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS)

  • Increased product, asset, and equipment utilization rate

  • Improved service contract renewal rate; reduce churn

  • Increase number of users, logins, and IoT application data views;

  • Increased market share and growth

  • Increased up-sell revenue; cross-sell revenue 

  • Increased product and service revenue or margin

OnFarm LogoOnFarm

OnFarm is a highly specialized integrator of agriculture field asset and information systems for the farming industry.

OnFarm utilizes the IoT Technology Platform - ThingWorx technology platform to combine real-time sensor data from soil moisture, weather, pesticide usage, alerts and notices, and growing conditions from farming sites into a consolidated web-based dashboard designed specifically for growers. Growers can also take advantage of advanced imaging and GIS mapping information to spot crop issues and visualize where farming assets are located. OnFarm Systems Case Study