Lotto Sport 透過 PLM 整合全球供應鏈


零售業 PLM 佼佼者

隨著零售商不斷將全球觸角伸向新的市場,在自身供應鏈中保有檢視能力與一致性也成為至關重要的課題。看看 Lotto Sport 如何運用產品生命週期管理 (PLM) 改善全球供應鏈的協同合作,並善加控制自身的產品開發流程。


Lotto Sport is a global footwear and apparel company with over 100 branches worldwide, and its products are now distributed in over 60 countries. With such a vast global presence, it was important for Lotto Sport to maintain supply chain visibility and consistent product and supplier information across all locations and around the world.

For Lotto Sport, this essential ability for collaboration between cross functional teams was the main business driver behind their PLM initiative. By improving supply chain collaboration, Lotto is seeing reductions in both cost and time-to-market.

The use of PLM technology provides a single source of truth for product and supplier information which helps create global designs with specifications for local market requirements. Global companies can rely on this to align product breadth in category/brands with new regions and channels.