Mold Analysis

Optimize the Manufacturability of Your Design

Mold analysis is the evaluation, revision, and validation of a mold to ensure it can produce a plastic part correctly the first time.  

As a material, plastic has a certain charm: it's lightweight, inexpensive and can be molded into almost any design.  But just wait until that first warped or blistered part emerges from the mold. Designing a part so it can be manufactured easily and efficiently is critical to your product's success.


With Creo parametric, you can determine the feasibility of a design by performing a 3D thickness check to analyze your model’s geometry and fix basic issues before handing off to a mold design expert.

Creo Mold Analysis Extension lets you quickly and accurately simulate the injection molding of plastic parts within Creo parametric, potentially saving lost time due to mold rework and debugging trails, You can also perform such analyses as moldability, sink mark, and weld line.

Download the Creo Mold Analysis Datasheet