Simulation Products

See How Your Product Design Will Perform in the Real World

Why should the analysis department have all the fun?

The Creo family of simulation software and capabilities lets you perform simulations on your products throughout the development process, helping reduce physical prototyping costs, design cycle times, and analysis department backlog.  When you resolve basic design problems earlier, the analysis department can focus on higher-level issues when they get your prototype. The result is an optimized product developed at lower cost and taken to market earlier.

Creo parametric

Make the most of the mechanism design tools included in PTC Creo’s flagship application. You can create mechanical connections and simulate motion on kinetic assemblies while also running dynamic interference checks. When you’re ready, you can also run an analysis to see how your design will perform based on position, velocity, and acceleration.

Need more? Creo has simulation capabilities to fit almost type of specialized need.

Creo Simulate

We're big fans of simulation-driven design, which is why we've made Creo simulate so easy to use. By the time your product gets to analysis, you’ll have resolved most issues already using a comprehensive set of finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities for meshing, structural, and thermal analysis, post processing, and optimization. PTC Creo 模擬 is available as a stand-alone product or as an extension to Creo.

Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Simulation

An extension to Creo simulate, or Creo parametric, this combination gives you even more powerful simulation capabilities. A step beyond linear analysis, Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Simulation expands your ability to understand when loading conditions extend beyond the elastic region and into plastic deformation.

Learn more about these extensions below.

Tolerance Analysis:  Visualize geometric tolerances (GTOL) to be sure all components of your product fit together.

Creo Mechanism Dynamics Option (MDO)Analyze how your product will behave given real-world forces such as gravity and friction

Mold Analysis:  Simulate the injection molding of plastic parts

Fatigue Analysis:  Analyze how your product performs under repeated loading and unloading

Creo Spark Analysis Extension:  Increase the safety and reliability of your 3D electromechanical designs

Creo Manikin Analysis Extension:  Insert digital human models into your designs to investigate ergonomic and human factors issues

Downloadable Data Sheets

Creo simulate Datasheet

Creo Elements/Direct Advanced Simulation Datasheet