Integrity Requirements Connector

Integrity Requirements Connector 是獨立的需求數據同步解決方案,可用來跨不同的工具和工具版本交換需求。它還可通過減少因過期需求導致的代價高昂的後期更改,從而降低並行產品開發的成本。通過使用 Integrity Requirements Connector,公司能夠降低其需求管理工具的總體擁有成本,同時還能通過較短的“實現價值時間”增加投資回報率 (ROI)。

Practical Interoperability: Manage and Exchange Requirements With Integrity Requirements Connector

In the webcast, Derek Piette, ALM Product Management Director, introduces Integrity Requirements Connector, a tool that enables the exchange of requirements across business units and business partners. This allows for increased collaboration, as well as reduced errors among the different groups.

Deric Merino, PTC Solutions Specialist, will take you through a quick demo between an exchange of requirements between two business partners—one using IBM DOORS and one using Integrity Lifecycle Manager. See how a typical end-user would trace, review and validate changes using Integrity Requirements Connector.

Key Takeaways:

  • Securely exchange requirements with Integrity Lifecycle Manager, IBM DOORS, and other ReqIF-compliant applications

  • Effectively share high-fidelity requirements information across vendor boundaries

  • Improve collaboration with partners and contractors in distributed supply chains

Integrity Requirements Connector features and benefits:

  • Support peer-to-peer collaboration practices in the requirements engineering world

  • Fast access to data content

  • Offline synchronization of requirements across business boundaries

  • Open, extensible exchange platform

  • Process standardizing path

  • Reduce man-machine interfaces, reduce errors

  • Improve quality assurance requirements by reducing scrap and rework

  • Enable supplier alignment

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